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Asus Laptop

Memory Finder

A Series A15 TUF Gaming

A Series A17 TUF Gaming

A Series A2D

A Series A3Ac

A Series A3E

A Series A3Fc

A Series A3Fp

A Series A3G

A Series A3H

A Series A3HF

A Series A3Vc

A Series A3Vp

A Series A42DE

A Series A42F

A Series A42JA

A Series A42JB

A Series A42JC

A Series A42JE

A Series A42JK

A Series A42Jr

A Series A42JV

A Series A42JY

A Series A42JZ

A Series A42N

A Series A43

A Series A43E

A Series A43SA

A Series A43SD

A Series A43SJ

A Series A43SM

A Series A43SV

A Series A450CC

A Series A450LC

A Series A450LD

A Series A455

A Series A45A

A Series A45VD

A Series A45VM

A Series A45VS

A Series A52F

A Series A52JB

A Series A52JC

A Series A52JE

A Series A52JK

A Series A52Jr

A Series A52JT

A Series A52JU

A Series A52N

A Series A53E

A Series A53SC

A Series A53SD

A Series A53SJ

A Series A53SM

A Series A53SV

A Series A53TA

A Series A53U

A Series A53Z

A Series A540LJ

A Series A54C

A Series A550CC

A Series A550JK

A Series A550JX

A Series A550LA

A Series A550LC

A Series A550LD

A Series A550LN

A Series A550VB

A Series A550VC

A Series A555LD

A Series A555LF

A Series A555LJ

A Series A55A

A Series A55VD

A Series A55VJ

A Series A55VM

A Series A56CB

A Series A5E

A Series A5Eb

A Series A5Ec

A Series A67Ga

A Series A6F

A Series A6J

A Series A6Ja

A Series A6Jc

A Series A6Je

A Series A6Jm

A Series A6K

A Series A6Km

A Series A6Kt

A Series A6M

A Series A6R

A Series A6RP

A Series A6T

A Series A6Tc

A Series A6U

A Series A6V

A Series A6Va

A Series A6VC

A Series A6Vm

A Series A72DR

A Series A72F

A Series A72JK

A Series A72Jr

A Series A73SV

A Series A75VM

A Series A7C

A Series A7Cd

A Series A7D

A Series A7Db

A Series A7Dc

A Series A7F

A Series A7G

A Series A7Gb

A Series A7Gc

A Series A7J

A Series A7Jb

A Series A7Jc

A Series A7K

A Series A7M

A Series A7Mb

A Series A7Mc

A Series A7S

A Series A7Sn

A Series A7Sv

A Series A7T

A Series A7Tb

A Series A7Tc

A Series A7U

A Series A7V

A Series A7Vb

A Series A7Vc

A Series A83SJ

A Series A84SJ

A Series A8Dc

A Series A8E

A Series A8F

A Series A8Fm

A Series A8H

A Series A8He

A Series A8Ja

A Series A8Jc

A Series A8Je

A Series A8Jm

A Series A8Jn

A Series A8Jp

A Series A8Jr

A Series A8Js

A Series A8Jv

A Series A8Le

A Series A8M

A Series A8N

A Series A8Sc

A Series A8Sr

A Series A8Tc

A Series A8Tm

A Series A8Z

A Series A93SM (2 slots)

A Series A93SM (4 slots)

A Series A93SV (2 slots)

A Series A93SV (4 slots)

A Series A9Rp

B Series B23E

B Series B33E

B Series B400A

B Series B400A-XH51

B Series B400A-XH52

B Series B400AV

B Series B43AV

B Series B43E

B Series B43F

B Series B43J

B Series B43S

B Series B451JA

B Series B50A

B Series B51E

B Series B53

B Series B53AV

B Series B53F

B Series B53J

B Series B53S

B Series B53V

B Series B551LA

B Series B551LG

B Series B80A

B Series BU203UA

C Series C90

C Series C90P

D Series D450CA

D Series D450MA

D Series D550MA

F Series F15 TUF Gaming

F Series F2F

F Series F2Hf

F Series F2J

F Series F2Je

F Series F3E

F Series F3F

F Series F3H

F Series F3Ja

F Series F3Jc

F Series F3Jm

F Series F3Jp

F Series F3Jr

F Series F3Jv

F Series F3Ka

F Series F3Ke

F Series F3L

F Series F3M

F Series F3P

F Series F3Q

F Series F3Sa

F Series F3Sc

F Series F3Se

F Series F3Sg

F Series F3Sr

F Series F3Sv

F Series F3T

F Series F3Tc - [DDR]

F Series F3Tc - [DDR2]

F Series F3U

F Series F450CC

F Series F450LD

F Series F507UA

F Series F50Gx

F Series F50Q

F Series F50Sf

F Series F50Sl

F Series F50Sv

F Series F50Z

F Series F52A

F Series F52Q

F Series F541UA

F Series F550C

F Series F550VX

F Series F551C

F Series F553MA

F Series F555LA

F Series F555LA-AB31

F Series F555LD

F Series F555UJ

F Series F556UA-UH71

F Series F556UJ-XX024T

F Series F55A

F Series F5C

F Series F5GL

F Series F5M

F Series F5N

F Series F5R

F Series F5RL

F Series F5SR

F Series F5V

F Series F5VL

F Series F5Z

F Series F6A

F Series F6E

F Series F6H

F Series F6S

F Series F6V

F Series F6Ve

F Series F70SL

F Series F75A

F Series F7E

F Series F7F

F Series F7Kr

F Series F7L

F Series F7Se

F Series F7Sr

F Series F7Z

F Series F80Cr

F Series F80L

F Series F80Q

F Series F80S

F Series F81Se

F Series F82Q

F Series F83Se

F Series F83T

F Series F83Vf

F Series F8Dc

F Series F8P

F Series F8Sa

F Series F8Sg

F Series F8Sn

F Series F8Sp

F Series F8Sr

F Series F8Sv

F Series F8Tr

F Series F8Va

F Series F8Vr

F Series F9Dc

F Series F9E

F Series F9F

F Series F9J

F Series F9S

F Series F9Sg

F Series FA506IH TUF Gaming

F Series FA506II Gaming TUF

F Series FA506IU Gaming TUF

F Series FX502VD

F Series FX502VE

F Series FX502VM

F Series FX503

F Series FX503VD

F Series FX503VM

F Series FX504 Gaming TUF

F Series FX505 Gaming TUF

F Series FX505DD Gaming TUF

F Series FX505DT Gaming TUF

F Series FX505DU Gaming TUF

F Series FX505DY Gaming TUF

F Series FX505GM Gaming TUF

F Series FX505GT

F Series FX506LH TUF Gaming

F Series FX506LI TUF Gaming

F Series FX506LU TUF Gaming

F Series FX53VD

F Series FX553VD

F Series FX566LH TUF Gaming

F Series FX570

F Series FX705 Gaming TUF

F Series FX705DD Gaming TUF

F Series FX705DT Gaming TUF

F Series FX705DU Gaming TUF

F Series FX705DY Gaming TUF

G Series G1

G Series G15 ROG STRIX

G Series G17 ROG STRIX

G Series G1P

G Series G1S

G Series G1Sn

G Series G2K

G Series G2P

G Series G2Pb

G Series G2Pc

G Series G2S

G Series G2Sg

G Series G2Sv

G Series G46VW

G Series G501JW ROG

G Series G501VW ROG

G Series G50V

G Series G50Vm

G Series G50Vt






G Series G51J

G Series G51J 3D

G Series G51Jx

G Series G51Jx 3D

G Series G51JX-X2 (Core i7)

G Series G51JX-X3

G Series G51JX-X4

G Series G51JX-X5

G Series G51Vx

G Series G531GD ROG Strix G

G Series G531GT ROG Strix

G Series G531GU ROG Strix Hero III

G Series G531GU ROG Strix SCAR III

G Series G531GV ROG Strix Hero III

G Series G531GV ROG Strix SCAR II

G Series G531GV ROG Strix SCAR III

G Series G531GW ROG Strix Hero III

G Series G531GW ROG Strix SCAR III

G Series G532LWS-DS76 ROG Strix SCAR 15


G Series G532LWS-XS96 ROG Strix SCAR 15

G Series G532LWS-XS99 ROG Strix SCAR 15

G Series G53Jw (Core i3 / i5)

G Series G53Jw (Core i7)

G Series G53SW (Dual-Core)

G Series G53SW (Quad-Core)

G Series G53SX (2 slots)

G Series G53SX (4 slots)

G Series G550JK

G Series G550JX

G Series G551JK

G Series G551JM

G Series G551JW

G Series G551JX

G Series G551VW ROG

G Series G55VW (i5 SKU)

G Series G55VW (i7 SKU)

G Series G56JK

G Series G56JR

G Series G60J

G Series G60Jx

G Series G60Vx

G Series G701VI ROG

G Series G701VO ROG

G Series G703 ROG

G Series G703GI ROG

G Series G703GS ROG

G Series G703GX ROG

G Series G703GXR ROG

G Series G703VI ROG

G Series G70S

G Series G70Sg




G Series G71G

G Series G71Gx

G Series G71V

G Series G72Gx

G Series G731GT ROG Strix

G Series G731GU ROG Strix Hero III

G Series G731GU ROG Strix SCAR III

G Series G731GV ROG Strix Hero III

G Series G731GV ROG Strix SCAR III

G Series G731GW ROG Strix Hero III

G Series G731GW ROG Strix SCAR III





G Series G73Jh

G Series G73Jw (Core i3 / i5)

G Series G73Jw (Core i7)

G Series G73SW (Dual-Core)

G Series G73SW (Quad-Core)

G Series G74SX (Dual Core)

G Series G74SX (Quad-Core)

G Series G750JH ROG

G Series G750JM ROG

G Series G750JS ROG

G Series G750JW ROG

G Series G750JX ROG

G Series G750JY ROG

G Series G750JZ ROG

G Series G751 (G-Sync) ROG

G Series G751JL

G Series G751JM

G Series G751JT

G Series G751JY

G Series G752VL-DH71 ROG

G Series G752VL ROG

G Series G752VM ROG

G Series G752VS OC Edition ROG

G Series G752VS ROG

G Series G752VT-DH72 ROG

G Series G752VT-DH74 ROG

G Series G752VT ROG

G Series G752VY-DH72

G Series G752VY-DH78K

G Series G752VY-RH71

G Series G752VY ROG

G Series G75V

G Series G75VW

G Series G75VX

G Series G771JM

G Series G771JW

G Series G800VI ROG

G Series GA401IH G14 ROG Zephyrus

G Series GA401II G14 ROG Zephyrus

G Series GA401IV G14 ROG Zephyrus

G Series GA502 ROG Zephyrus

G Series GA502DU ROG

G Series GA502IU G15 ROG Zephyrus

G Series GA502IV G15 ROG Zephyrus

G Series GL502VM ROG

G Series GL502VML

G Series GL502VS ROG

G Series GL502VT ROG Strix

G Series GL502VTS ROG

G Series GL502VY ROG Strix

G Series GL503VD Hero ROG Strix

G Series GL503VD Scar ROG Strix

G Series GL503VM Hero ROG Strix

G Series GL503VM ROG Strix

G Series GL503VM Scar ROG Strix

G Series GL503VS ROG Strix

G Series GL504GM Scar II

G Series GL504GM Strix Hero II ROG

G Series GL504GS Scar II

G Series GL504GS Strix

G Series GL504GV Strix Hero II ROG

G Series GL504GW Scar II

G Series GL551JM

G Series GL551JW

G Series GL552JX ROG

G Series GL552VL ROG

G Series GL552VW-DH71 ROG

G Series GL552VW-DH74 ROG

G Series GL552VW ROG

G Series GL552VX ROG

G Series GL553VD ROG

G Series GL553VE

G Series GL553VW ROG

G Series GL702VI ROG Strix

G Series GL702VM ROG

G Series GL702VS ROG

G Series GL702VT ROG

G Series GL702ZC ROG

G Series GL702ZC ROG Strix

G Series GL703GM ROG Strix

G Series GL703GS ROG Strix

G Series GL703VD Scar ROG Strix

G Series GL703VM ROG Strix

G Series GL703VM Scar ROG Strix

G Series GL704GM Scar II

G Series GL704GV Scar II

G Series GL704GW Scar II

G Series GL752VL ROG

G Series GL752VS ROG

G Series GL752VW ROG

G Series GL753VD ROG

G Series GL753VE

G Series GL771

G Series GL771JM

G Series GM501 Zephyrus M ROG

G Series GU501 ROG

G Series GU501GM ROG

G Series GU502 S17 ROG Zephyrus

G Series GU502DU ROG Zephyrus

G Series GU502GU ROG Zephyrus M

G Series GU502GV ROG Zephyrus M

G Series GU502GW ROG Zephyrus M

G Series GU502LU M15 ROG Zephyrus

G Series GU502LV M15 ROG Zephyrus

G Series GU502LW M15 ROG Zephyrus

G Series GX501

G Series GX501 Zephyrus ROG

G Series GX501GI Zephyrus ROG

G Series GX501VI Zephyrus

G Series GX501VIK

G Series GX502GV ROG Zephyrus S

G Series GX502GW ROG Zephyrus S

G Series GX502LWS ROG Zephyrus S15

G Series GX502LXS ROG Zephyrus S15

G Series GX531GM Zephyrus S ROG

G Series GX531GS ROG Zephyrus

G Series GX531GV ROG Zephyrus S

G Series GX531GW ROG Zephyrus S

G Series GX531GX Zephyrus ROG

G Series GX550LWS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15

G Series GX550LXS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15

G Series GX551QS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15

G Series GX700 ROG

G Series GX700VO

G Series GX700VO ROG

G Series GX701GVR ROG Zephyrus S

G Series GX701GWR ROG Zephyrus S

G Series GX701GX Zephyrus S ROG

G Series GX701GXR ROG Zephyrus S

G Series GX701LV S17 ROG Zephyrus

G Series GX701LWS S17 ROG Zephyrus

G Series GX701LXS S17 ROG Zephyrus

G Series GX800VH

G Series GX800VH ROG

K Series K401LB

K Series K401UB

K Series K401UQ

K Series K401UQK

K Series K40AB

K Series K40AC

K Series K40AD

K Series K40AE

K Series K40AF

K Series K40C

K Series K40ID

K Series K40IE

K Series K40IJ

K Series K40IL

K Series K40IN

K Series K40IP

K Series K42DE

K Series K42DQ

K Series K42DR

K Series K42DY

K Series K42F

K Series K42JA

K Series K42JB

K Series K42JC

K Series K42JE

K Series K42JK

K Series K42JP

K Series K42Jr

K Series K42JV

K Series K42JY

K Series K42JZ

K Series K42N

K Series K43BR

K Series K43BY

K Series K43E

K Series K43SA

K Series K43SD

K Series K43SJ

K Series K43SM

K Series K43SV

K Series K43TA

K Series K43TK

K Series K43U

K Series K450CC

K Series K450LN

K Series K451LB

K Series K451LN

K Series K455LB

K Series K455LN

K Series K45A

K Series K45DR

K Series K45VD

K Series K45VJ

K Series K45VM

K Series K45VS

K Series K46CA

K Series K46CB

K Series K46CM

K Series K501LB

K Series K501LX

K Series K501UB

K Series K501UQ

K Series K501UW

K Series K501UX

K Series K501UXM

K Series K50AB

K Series K50AD

K Series K50AF

K Series K50C

K Series K50ID

K Series K50IE

K Series K50IJ

K Series K50IL

K Series K50IN

K Series K50IP

K Series K51AC

K Series K51AE

K Series K52DE

K Series K52DR

K Series K52DY

K Series K52F

K Series K52JB

K Series K52JC

K Series K52JE

K Series K52JK

K Series K52JR

K Series K52JT

K Series K52JU

K Series K52JV

K Series K52N

K Series K53BE

K Series K53BR

K Series K53BY

K Series K53E

K Series K53SC

K Series K53SD

K Series K53SJ

K Series K53SK

K Series K53SM

K Series K53SV

K Series K53TA

K Series K53TK

K Series K53U

K Series K53Z

K Series K542UF-DM219T

K Series K54C

K Series K54HR

K Series K54L

K Series K54LY

K Series K550CA

K Series K550CC

K Series K550LB

K Series K550LN

K Series K551LN

K Series K553MA

K Series K55A

K Series K55DR

K Series K55N

K Series K55VD

K Series K55VJ

K Series K55VM

K Series K56C

K Series K56CA

K Series K56CB

K Series K56CM

K Series K570UD

K Series K5AB

K Series K60IJ

K Series K60IN

K Series K61IC

K Series K62F

K Series K62JR

K Series K70AB

K Series K70AC

K Series K70AD

K Series K70AE

K Series K70AF

K Series K70IC

K Series K70ID

K Series K70IJ

K Series K70IO

K Series K72DR

K Series K72DY

K Series K72F

K Series K72JK

K Series K72Jr

K Series K72JT

K Series K72JU

K Series K73BE

K Series K73BR

K Series K73BY

K Series K73E (2 slots)

K Series K73E (4 slots)

K Series K73SD

K Series K73SJ

K Series K73SM

K Series K73SV (Dual-Core)

K Series K73SV (Quad-Core)

K Series K73TA

K Series K73TK

K Series K750JN

K Series K75DE

K Series K75VD

K Series K75VJ

K Series K75VM

K Series K84L

K Series K93SM (2 slots)

K Series K93SM (4 slots)

K Series K93SV (2 slots)

K Series K93SV (4 slots)

K Series K95VB (Dual-Core)

K Series K95VB (Quad-Core)

K Series K95VJ (Dual Core 2 slots)

K Series K95VJ (Quad Core 4 slots)

K Series K95VM (Dual-Core)

K Series K95VM (Quad-Core)

L Series L50Vn

L Series L80Vr

Lamborghini Lamborghini VX1

Lamborghini Lamborghini VX2

Lamborghini Lamborghini VX2S

Lamborghini Lamborghini VX2SE

Lamborghini Lamborghini VX3

Lamborghini Lamborghini VX5

Lamborghini Lamborghini VX6

Lamborghini Lamborghini VX6S

Lamborghini Lamborghini VX7 (Dual-Core)

Lamborghini Lamborghini VX7 (Quad-Core)

Lamborghini Lamborghini VX7SX (Dual-Core)

Lamborghini Lamborghini VX7SX (Quad-Core)

M Series M409BA

M Series M409DJ

M Series M409DL

M Series M509BA

M Series M509DA

M Series M50Sa

M Series M50Sr

M Series M50Sv

M Series M50Vc

M Series M50Vm

M Series M50Vn

M Series M51A

M Series M51E

M Series M51Kr

M Series M51Se

M Series M51Sn

M Series M51Sr

M Series M51Ta

M Series M51Tr

M Series M51VA

M Series M51VR

M Series M570DD

M Series M60J

M Series M60Vp

M Series M6A

M Series M6B

M Series M6BNe

M Series M6BR

M Series M6N

M Series M6Na

M Series M6Ne

M Series M6R

M Series M6SNe

M Series M6V

M Series M6Va

M Series M70Sa

M Series M70Sr

M Series M70T

M Series M70Vm

M Series M70VN

M Series M70Vr

M Series M9A

M Series M9F

M Series M9J

M Series M9V

N Series N10E

N Series N10J

N Series N10Jb

N Series N10Jc

N Series N10Jh

N Series N20A

N Series N43Jf

N Series N43JM

N Series N43JQ

N Series N43SL

N Series N43SM

N Series N43SN

N Series N45SF

N Series N45SL

N Series N46JV

N Series N46VB

N Series N46VJ

N Series N46VM

N Series N46VZ

N Series N501JW

N Series N50VC

N Series N50Vn

N Series N51Tp

N Series N51Vf

N Series N51Vg

N Series N51Vn

N Series N52DA-X1

N Series N53DA

N Series N53Jf

N Series N53Jg

N Series N53JL

N Series N53Jn

N Series N53Jq

N Series N53SM (Dual-Core)

N Series N53SM (Quad-Core)

N Series N53SN (Dual-Core)

N Series N53SN (Quad-Core)

N Series N53SV (Dual-Core)

N Series N53SV (Quad-Core)

N Series N53TA

N Series N53TK

N Series N541LA

N Series N550JA

N Series N550JK

N Series N550JV

N Series N550JX

N Series N550LF

N Series N551JB

N Series N551JK

N Series N551JM

N Series N551JQ

N Series N551JW

N Series N551JX

N Series N551VW

N Series N551ZU

N Series N552

N Series N555SF

N Series N55SF

N Series N55SL

N Series N56DP

N Series N56DY

N Series N56JK

N Series N56JN

N Series N56JR

N Series N56VB

N Series N56VJ

N Series N56VM

N Series N56VV

N Series N56VZ

N Series N5iTp

N Series N60Dp

N Series N61DA

N Series N61Ja

N Series N61Jq

N Series N61Jv

N Series N61Vg

N Series N61Vn

N Series N70Sv

N Series N71Ja

N Series N71Jq

N Series N71Jv

N Series N71Vg

N Series N71Vn

N Series N73Jf

N Series N73Jg

N Series N73Jn

N Series N73Jq

N Series N73SM

N Series N73SV (Dual-Core)

N Series N73SV (Quad-Core)

N Series N750JK

N Series N750JV

N Series N751JK

N Series N751JM

N Series N751JX

N Series N752

N Series N752VX

N Series N75SF

N Series N75SL

N Series N76VB

N Series N76VJ

N Series N76VM

N Series N76VZ

N Series N80Vb

N Series N80Vc

N Series N80Vm

N Series N80Vn

N Series N81

N Series N81Vg

N Series N81Vp

N Series N82Jg

N Series N82Jq

N Series N82Jv

N Series N90Sc

N Series N90Sv

N Series NX500JK

N Series NX500JKA

N Series NX90Jn

N Series NX90Jq

N Series NX90SN

P Series P1410CDA

P Series P1440FB

P Series P2451FA ExpertBook

P Series P2451FB ExpertBook

P Series P2540FB

P Series P2540NV

P Series P2540UB

P Series P2710JA

P Series P302UA

P Series P30A

P Series P31F

P Series P31JG

P Series P31SD

P Series P31SG

P Series P3540FB

P Series P41SV

P Series P42F

P Series P42Jc

P Series P43E

P Series P43SJ

P Series P452LA

P Series P452LJ

P Series P453UA

P Series P453UJ

P Series P45VA

P Series P45VJ

P Series P500CA

P Series P50IJ

P Series P52F

P Series P52Jc

P Series P53E

P Series P53SJ

P Series P5440FA ExpertBook

P Series P550CA

P Series P550CC

P Series P550LD

P Series P552LA

P Series P552LJ

P Series P552SA

P Series P552SJ

P Series P553UJ

P Series P55VA

P Series P750LB

P Series P751JA Essential

P Series P751JF

P Series P80A

P Series P80Q

P Series P80Vc

P Series P81IJ

P Series PL30Jt

P Series PL80JT

P Series PU301LA

P Series PU401LAC

P Series PU403UA

P Series PU403UF

P Series PU450CD

P Series PU451JF

P Series PU451LD

P Series PU550CA

P Series PU551JA

P Series PU551JD

P Series PU551JF

P Series PU551JH

P Series PU551LA

P Series PU551LD

Pro Series Pro 23A

Pro Series Pro 30

Pro Series Pro 31F

Pro Series Pro 31JC

Pro Series Pro 32A

Pro Series Pro 33S

Pro Series Pro 451LD

Pro Series Pro 45VJ-VO049X

Pro Series Pro 5DIJ

Pro Series Pro 5DIN

Pro Series Pro 60

Pro Series Pro 72Q

Pro Series Pro 80JR

Pro Series Pro 8BIJ

Pro Series Pro 8BIN

Pro Series Pro Advanced B43A

Pro Series Pro Advanced B43V

Pro Series Pro Advanced B53A

Pro Series Pro Advanced B53E

Pro Series Pro Advanced B53V

Pro Series Pro Advanced BU201

Pro Series Pro Advanced BU201LA

Pro Series Pro Advanced BU400A

Pro Series Pro Advanced BU400V

Pro Series Pro Advanced BU401LA

Pro Series Pro Advanced BU401LG

Pro Series Pro B23E

Pro Series Pro B33E

Pro Series Pro B8230UA

Pro Series Pro B8430UA

Pro Series Pro BU403UA

Pro Series Pro P1440FA

Pro Series Pro P1440UA

Pro Series Pro P1440UF

Pro Series Pro P2420LA

Pro Series Pro P2420LJ

Pro Series Pro P2430UJ

Pro Series Pro P2440UA

Pro Series Pro P2440UF

Pro Series Pro P2520LA

Pro Series Pro P2520LJ

Pro Series Pro P2530UA

Pro Series Pro P2540NV

Pro Series Pro P2540UA

Pro Series Pro P2540UB

Pro Series Pro P2540UV

Pro Series Pro P3540FA

Pro Series Pro P5430UA

Pro Series Pro P5440FA

Pro Series Pro P5440FF

Pro Series Pro P5440UA

Pro Series Pro P5440UF

Pro Series ProArt StudioBook 17 H700GV

Pro Series ProArt StudioBook Pro 15 H500GV

Pro Series ProArt StudioBook Pro 15 W500GV

Pro Series ProArt StudioBook Pro-X W730G5T

Q Series Q302LA

Q Series Q302UA

Q Series Q303UA

Q Series Q304UA

Q Series Q304UAK

Q Series Q400A

Q Series Q500A

Q Series Q501LA

Q Series Q502LA

Q Series Q503UA

Q Series Q504UA

Q Series Q504UAK

Q Series Q505UA

Q Series Q505UAR

Q Series Q524UQ

Q Series Q525UA

Q Series Q534UX

Q Series Q550LF

Q Series Q551LB

Q Series Q551LN

Q Series Q552UB

Q Series Q553UB

R Series R1E

R Series R1F

R Series R2H Ultra-Mobile PC

R Series R411CA

R Series R500A

R Series R500N

R Series R500VD

R Series R500VM

R Series R510CA

R Series R510IU

R Series R510LA

R Series R552JV

R Series R700VJ T2192H

R Series R700VJ TY140H

R Series R700VJ TY184H

R Series R700VJ TY232H

R Series R704A

R Series R704VD

R Series R704VD-RB51

S Series S101H

S Series S37E

S Series S37S

S Series S46CA

S Series S46CB

S Series S46CM

S Series S505CM

S Series S56CA

S Series S56CB

S Series S56CM

S Series S62E

S Series S62Fm

S Series S62Fp

S Series S62J

S Series S62Jm

S Series S6F

S Series S6Fm

S Series S7F

S Series S96F

S Series S96Fm

S Series S96J

S Series S96Jm

S Series S96S

S Series SCAR II ROG Strix

S Series SW (2 Memory Slots)

S Series SW (4 Memory Slots)

StudioBook StudioBook One W590G6T

StudioBook StudioBook Pro 15 W500G5T

StudioBook StudioBook Pro 17 W700G3T

StudioBook StudioBook Pro X

StudioBook StudioBook S W700G3P

T Series T91MT

T Series TP410UAR

T Series TP510UA

Transformer Book TP300LA Transformer Book Flip

Transformer Book TP300LD Transformer Book Flip

Transformer Book TP300LJ Transformer Book Flip

Transformer Book TP300UA Transformer Book Flip

Transformer Book TP500LA Transformer Book Flip

Transformer Book TP500LB Transformer Book Flip

Transformer Book TP500LN Transformer Book Flip

Transformer Book TP550LA Transformer Book Flip

Transformer Book TP550LD Transformer Book Flip

Transformer Book TP550LJ Transformer Book Flip

U Series U1E

U Series U1F

U Series U20A

U Series U24A

U Series U24E

U Series U2E

U Series U30Jc

U Series U30SD

U Series U31F

U Series U31JG

U Series U31SD

U Series U31SG

U Series U32U

U Series U32VJ

U Series U32VM

U Series U33Jc

U Series U35F

U Series U35Jc

U Series U36JC

U Series U36SD

U Series U36SG

U Series U37VC

U Series U3S

U Series U3Sg

U Series U40SD

U Series U41JF

U Series U41SV

U Series U43F

U Series U43Jc

U Series U43SD

U Series U44SG

U Series U45Jc

U Series U46E

U Series U46SM

U Series U46SV

U Series U47A

U Series U47VC

U Series U50A

U Series U50F

U Series U50Vg

U Series U52F

U Series U53F

U Series U53Jc

U Series U53SD

U Series U56E

U Series U5A

U Series U5F

U Series U6E

U Series U6Ep

U Series U6S

U Series U6Sg

U Series U6V

U Series U6VC

U Series U80A

U Series U80V

U Series U82U

U Series UL20A

U Series UL20FT

U Series UL30A

U Series UL30Jt

U Series UL30VT

U Series UL50A

U Series UL50Ag

U Series UL50At

U Series UL50Vf

U Series UL50Vg

U Series UL50Vs

U Series UL50Vt

U Series UL80Ag

U Series UL80Jt

U Series UL80Vs

U Series UL80Vt

U Series UX30

U Series UX310UAK

U Series UX410UAK

U Series UX410UQ

U Series UX50V

U Series UX510UW

U Series UX510UX

U Series UX52VS

U Series UX560UQ

V Series V1J

V Series V1JP

V Series V1S

V Series V1S-B1

V Series V1SN

V Series V1V

V Series V2Je

V Series V2S

V Series V500CA

V Series V6J

V Series V6V

V Series V6Va

V Series VIV

VivoBook Series VivoBook 4K

VivoBook Series VivoBook A412FA

VivoBook Series VivoBook F510UA FHD

VivoBook Series VivoBook F512DA

VivoBook Series VivoBook F512FA

VivoBook Series VivoBook F512JA

VivoBook Series VivoBook F712FA

VivoBook Series VivoBook K413FA

VivoBook Series VivoBook K413FP

VivoBook Series VivoBook K413FQ

VivoBook Series VivoBook M513IA

VivoBook Series Vivobook Pro K571GT

VivoBook Series VivoBook Pro N552VW

VivoBook Series VivoBook Pro N580GD

VivoBook Series VivoBook Pro N580VD

VivoBook Series VivoBook Pro N705FD

VivoBook Series VivoBook Pro N705UN

VivoBook Series VivoBook Pro N705UQ

VivoBook Series VivoBook Q301LA

VivoBook Series VivoBook R550CM

VivoBook Series VivoBook S15 X530FA

VivoBook Series VivoBook S301LP

VivoBook Series VivoBook S400CA

VivoBook Series VivoBook S410UN

VivoBook Series VivoBook S410UQ

VivoBook Series VivoBook S430FA

VivoBook Series VivoBook S430FN

VivoBook Series VivoBook S430UN

VivoBook Series VivoBook S451LA

VivoBook Series VivoBook S451LB

VivoBook Series VivoBook S451LN

VivoBook Series VivoBook S500CA

VivoBook Series VivoBook S510UA

VivoBook Series VivoBook S510UN

VivoBook Series VivoBook S510UQ

VivoBook Series VivoBook S513

VivoBook Series VivoBook S530FA

VivoBook Series VivoBook S530FN

VivoBook Series VivoBook S530UA

VivoBook Series VivoBook S530UF

VivoBook Series VivoBook S530UN

VivoBook Series VivoBook S550CB

VivoBook Series VivoBook S550CM

VivoBook Series VivoBook S551LA

VivoBook Series VivoBook S551LB

VivoBook Series VivoBook S551LN

VivoBook Series VivoBook TP301UA Flip

VivoBook Series VivoBook TP301UJ Flip

VivoBook Series VivoBook TP410UA Flip

VivoBook Series VivoBook TP410UF Flip

VivoBook Series VivoBook TP410UR Flip

VivoBook Series VivoBook TP412FA Flip

VivoBook Series VivoBook TP412UA Flip

VivoBook Series VivoBook TP501UA Flip

VivoBook Series VivoBook TP501UB Flip

VivoBook Series VivoBook TP501UQ Flip

VivoBook Series VivoBook TP510UF Flip

VivoBook Series VivoBook V400CA

VivoBook Series VivoBook V500CA

VivoBook Series VivoBook V551LA

VivoBook Series VivoBook V551LB

VivoBook Series VivoBook X405UA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X405UQ

VivoBook Series Vivobook X405UR

VivoBook Series Vivobook X409UA

VivoBook Series Vivobook X409UJ

VivoBook Series VivoBook X411QA

VivoBook Series Vivobook X411UA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X411UF

VivoBook Series Vivobook X411UN

VivoBook Series VivoBook X411UQ

VivoBook Series Vivobook X412DA

VivoBook Series Vivobook X412DK

VivoBook Series Vivobook X412FA

VivoBook Series Vivobook X412FJ

VivoBook Series Vivobook X412FL

VivoBook Series Vivobook X412UA

VivoBook Series Vivobook X412UB

VivoBook Series Vivobook X412UF

VivoBook Series VivoBook X430UF

VivoBook Series VivoBook X441NA Max

VivoBook Series VivoBook X441UA Max

VivoBook Series VivoBook X441UR Max

VivoBook Series VivoBook X441UV Max

VivoBook Series VivoBook X442UA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X442UF

VivoBook Series VivoBook X442UN

VivoBook Series VivoBook X442UQ

VivoBook Series VivoBook X442UR

VivoBook Series VivoBook X456UQ

VivoBook Series VivoBook X456UQK

VivoBook Series VivoBook X456UR

VivoBook Series VivoBook X456UV

VivoBook Series VivoBook X505BA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X505BP

VivoBook Series VivoBook X505ZA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X510UF

VivoBook Series VivoBook X510UN

VivoBook Series VivoBook X510UR

VivoBook Series VivoBook X512DA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X512DK

VivoBook Series VivoBook X512FA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X512FB

VivoBook Series VivoBook X512FJ

VivoBook Series VivoBook X512FJG

VivoBook Series VivoBook X512FL

VivoBook Series VivoBook X512JA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X512JF

VivoBook Series VivoBook X512JP

VivoBook Series VivoBook X512UA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X512UB

VivoBook Series VivoBook X512UF

VivoBook Series VivoBook X513EP

VivoBook Series VivoBook X515J

VivoBook Series VivoBook X530FN

VivoBook Series VivoBook X531FL

VivoBook Series VivoBook X540UA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X540UV

VivoBook Series VivoBook X540YA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X541UA Max

VivoBook Series VivoBook X541UAK

VivoBook Series VivoBook X541UV Max

VivoBook Series VivoBook X542BA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X542BP

VivoBook Series VivoBook X542UA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X542UF

VivoBook Series VivoBook X542UN

VivoBook Series VivoBook X542UQ

VivoBook Series VivoBook X542UR

VivoBook Series VivoBook X545FA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X545FB

VivoBook Series Vivobook X556UQ

VivoBook Series Vivobook X556UR

VivoBook Series Vivobook X556UV

VivoBook Series VivoBook X571LH

VivoBook Series VivoBook X571LI

VivoBook Series VivoBook X705MA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X705MB

VivoBook Series VivoBook X705NA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X705NC

VivoBook Series VivoBook X705UA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X705UB

VivoBook Series VivoBook X705UD

VivoBook Series VivoBook X705UF

VivoBook Series VivoBook X705UN

VivoBook Series VivoBook X705UQ

VivoBook Series VivoBook X705UV

VivoBook Series VivoBook X712DA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X712DK

VivoBook Series VivoBook X712FA

VivoBook Series VivoBook X712FB

VivoBook Series VivoBook X712JA

VivoBook Series X515JA

W Series W1 Carbon

W Series W1GA

W Series W1GC

W Series W1Jb

W Series W1Jc

W Series W1N

W Series W1V

W Series W1Vb

W Series W1Vc

W Series W2Jb

W Series W2Jc

W Series W2P

W Series W2V

W Series W2Vb

W Series W2Vc

W Series W2W

W Series W3J

W Series W3V

W Series W5Ae

W Series W5F

W Series W5Fe

W Series W5Fm

W Series W6A

W Series W6F

W Series W6Fp

W Series W700G1T ProArt StudioBook Pro 17

W Series W7F

W Series W7J

W Series W7S

W Series W7Sg

W Series W90V

W Series W90Vn

W Series W90Vp

X Series X1015E

X Series X201EV

X Series X301A

X Series X302LA

X Series X302LJ

X Series X302UA

X Series X302UJ

X Series X302UV

X Series X35SD

X Series X401A

X Series X405UAP

X Series X405UR

X Series X407MA

X Series X407UA

X Series X407UB

X Series X407UF

X Series X409DA

X Series X409FA

X Series X409JA

X Series X409JB

X Series X409JP

X Series X409MA

X Series X409UA

X Series X410UV

X Series X42JE

X Series X42JR

X Series X43U

X Series X441BA

X Series X441MA

X Series X441MB

X Series X441UAK

X Series X441UB

X Series X441URK

X Series X441UV

X Series X44C

X Series X44H

X Series X44HR

X Series X44HY

X Series X44L

X Series X44LY

X Series X450CA

X Series X450CC

X Series X450CP

X Series X450EP

X Series X450JB

X Series X450JF

X Series X450LA

X Series X450LAV

X Series X450LB

X Series X450LC

X Series X450LD

X Series X450LDV

X Series X450LN

X Series X450LNV

X Series X450VB

X Series X450VC

X Series X450VE

X Series X450VP

X Series X452CP

X Series X452LDV

X Series X452MD

X Series X453M

X Series X453MA

X Series X453S

X Series X453SA

X Series X454L

X Series X454LA

X Series X454LJ

X Series X454WA

X Series X454WE

X Series X455DG

X Series X455LA

X Series X455LB

X Series X455LD

X Series X455LF

X Series X455LJ

X Series X455LN

X Series X455LNB

X Series X455WA

X Series X455WE

X Series X455YA

X Series X455YI

X Series X456UA

X Series X456UAM

X Series X456UB

X Series X456UF

X Series X456UJ

X Series X45A

X Series X45C

X Series X45U

X Series X45VD

X Series X501A

X Series X507LA

X Series X507MA

X Series X507UA (1 slot)

X Series X507UA (2 slots)

X Series X507UB

X Series X507UF

X Series X509FA

X Series X509FB

X Series X509FJ

X Series X509FL

X Series X509JA

X Series X509JB

X Series X509JP

X Series X509MA

X Series X509UA

X Series X509UB

X Series X509UJ

X Series X50C

X Series X50GL

X Series X50N

X Series X50R

X Series X50RL

X Series X50SL

X Series X50SR

X Series X510UA

X Series X510UAR

X Series X510UQ

X Series X510UQR

X Series X51H

X Series X51L

X Series X51R

X Series X51RL

X Series X52F

X Series X52JK

X Series X53E

X Series X53SC

X Series X53SD (2 slots)

X Series X53SD (4 slots)

X Series X53SJ

X Series X53TA

X Series X53U

X Series X53Z

X Series X540BA

X Series X540BP

X Series X540UB

X Series X541NC

X Series X541UJ

X Series X541UV

X Series X542UR

X Series X543UA

X Series X543UB

X Series X54C

X Series X54H

X Series X54HR

X Series X54HY

X Series X54L

X Series X550CA

X Series X550CA-XO702D

X Series X550CC

X Series X550CL

X Series X550DP

X Series X550EA

X Series X550EP

X Series X550IK

X Series X550IU

X Series X550JD

X Series X550JF

X Series X550JK

X Series X550JX

X Series X550LA

X Series X550LAV

X Series X550LB

X Series X550LC

X Series X550LD

X Series X550LDV

X Series X550LN

X Series X550LNV

X Series X550MD

X Series X550MJ

X Series X550VB

X Series X550VC

X Series X550VL

X Series X550VX

X Series X550WA

X Series X550WE

X Series X550ZA

X Series X550ZE

X Series X551MA

X Series X551MAV

X Series X552EA

X Series X552EP

X Series X552LA

X Series X552LAV

X Series X552LD

X Series X552MD

X Series X552VL

X Series X552WA

X Series X552WE

X Series X553MA

X Series X553SA

X Series X555BA

X Series X555BP

X Series X555DA

X Series X555DG

X Series X555LA

X Series X555LB

X Series X555LD

X Series X555LF

X Series X555LG

X Series X555LI

X Series X555LJ

X Series X555LN

X Series X555LP

X Series X555QA

X Series X555QG

X Series X555UA

X Series X555UB

X Series X555UF

X Series X555UJ

X Series X555UQ

X Series X555YA

X Series X555YI

X Series X556UA - [DDR3]

X Series X556UA - [DDR4]

X Series X556UAK

X Series X556UB

X Series X556UF

X Series X556UJ

X Series X556UQK

X Series X556URK

X Series X55A

X Series X55C

X Series X55CR

X Series X55SR

X Series X55Sv

X Series X55U

X Series X55VD

X Series X560UD

X Series X56SE

X Series X570DD

X Series X570UD

X Series X570ZD

X Series X571GD

X Series X571GT

X Series X57SR

X Series X58

X Series X580VD

X Series X58C

X Series X58L

X Series X58LE

X Series X59GL

X Series X59Sr

X Series X5DC

X Series X5DIJ

X Series X61SL

X Series X71A

X Series X71Q

X Series X71S

X Series X71SL

X Series X71Sr

X Series X71TL

X Series X71Tp

X Series X71Vn

X Series X73BR

X Series X73E

X Series X750JA

X Series X750JB

X Series X750JN

X Series X750LA

X Series X750LB

X Series X750LN

X Series X751BP

X Series X751LA

X Series X751LAB

X Series X751LAV

X Series X751LB

X Series X751LD

X Series X751LDC

X Series X751LDV

X Series X751LJ

X Series X751LK

X Series X751LN

X Series X751LNB

X Series X751LX

X Series X751MA

X Series X751MD

X Series X751MJ

X Series X751NA

X Series X751NV

X Series X751SJ

X Series X751SV

X Series X751YI

X Series X756UA

X Series X756UB

X Series X756UJ

X Series X756UQ

X Series X756UQK

X Series X756UV

X Series X756UW

X Series X756UX - [DDR3]

X Series X756UX - [DDR4]

X Series X756UXK

X Series X75A

X Series X75VB

X Series X75VC

X Series X75VD

X Series X80Le

X Series X80N

X Series X80Z

Y Series Y4200DA

Z Series Z35F

Z Series Z35Fm

Z Series Z35H

Z Series Z35L

Z Series Z37EP

Z Series Z53JR

Z Series Z61A

Z Series Z61Ae

Z Series Z62E

Z Series Z62EP

Z Series Z62F

Z Series Z62Fm

Z Series Z62Fp

Z Series Z62H

Z Series Z62Ha

Z Series Z62J

Z Series Z62Jm

Z Series Z63A

Z Series Z70A

Z Series Z7100

Z Series Z71A

Z Series Z71V

Z Series Z71Vp

Z Series Z81SP

Z Series Z83V

Z Series Z84F

Z Series Z84Fm

Z Series Z84J

Z Series Z84Jp

Z Series Z91E

Z Series Z91FR

Z Series Z91N

Z Series Z92Jc

Z Series Z92Km

Z Series Z92Vm

Z Series Z93E

Z Series Z96F

Z Series Z96Fm

Z Series Z96H

Z Series Z96Hm

Z Series Z96J

Z Series Z96Jm

Z Series Z96Jp

Z Series Z96Js

Z Series Z96S

Z Series Z96SP

Z Series Z97V

Z Series Z99S

Z Series ZX53VW

Z Series ZX553VD-DM640T

Z Series ZX553VD-DM641T

Z Series ZX553VD-DM969T

Z Series ZX553VD-DM970T

Z Series ZX753VD-GC265T

Z Series ZX753VD-GC266T

ZenBook Series NX500 Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX302LA Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX302LG Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX303LA Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX303LAB Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX303LB Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX303LN Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX303UA Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX303UB Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX306UA Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX310UA Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX310UF ZenBook

ZenBook Series UX310UQ Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX310UQK Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX32A Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX32LA Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX32LN Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX32VD Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX410UA ZenBook

ZenBook Series UX420UA Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX42VS Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX501 Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX501VW-DS71T Zenbook Pro

ZenBook Series UX501VW Zenbook Pro

ZenBook Series UX510UW Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX510UX ZenBook

ZenBook Series UX51VZ Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX52VS Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX530UX Zenbook

ZenBook Series UX560UA Zenbook Flip

ZenBook Series UX560UQ Zenbook Flip

ZenBook Series UX560UX Zenbook Flip

ZenBook Series UX561UA ZenBook Flip

ZenBook Series UX561UD ZenBook Flip

ZenBook Series UX561UN ZenBook Flip

ZenBook Series X302LJ Zenbook