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About Us

Dr. Memory's mission is to develop cutting-edge products for storage devices solutions for appliance and equipment makers who, have already set their product lines but look for the best cost effective products with the same or better performance quality. Dr. Memory achieves this by maintaining the cycle for source- build-sale of each product. By sourcing the raw materials like chipsets from the recycling centres and then manufacturing the product, Dr. Memory is delivering high-volume products at the best prices compared to the competitors. Plus Dr. Memory's approach in using reusable material is of a great help towards green environment.

Dr. Memory is the number one memory seller on Ebay within the UK. We have been in this field for a number of years, and have established ourselves as one of the main suppliers of computer memory worldwide. All of our NEW condition stock has gone through intensive manufacturing test procedures and comes with long term warranty (2+ years). For new items, chipsets used are from the main manufacturers: Samsung, Micron, Hynix, Kingston...

All of our used items are original (No Chinese Copies). They come from our sources and contracts with most major IT recycling centres in the UK, Germany, and France. They are all tested thoroughly using Ramcheck memory testers, Memtest and CPUZ. Due to our robust testing procedure, we are able to provide a long-term warranty with all our memory items.