About Us

About us - XUM
XUM is one of the leading wholesale memory ram seller within the UK

We have grown from pioneering the UK DRAM market into one of the world’s leading providers of

high-performance PC peripherals and components

range of products to equip.... gamers, Tech enthusiasts and e-sports athletes
Committed to Quality, High Performance, thoroughly Tested, Innovative Design
years  of developing and  manufacturing great products
reducing 10 Tons  of  carbon Every Month

We challenge ourselves to: 


Protect the environment

by finding new ways to decarbonise the semiconductor industry.


Extend the life cycle of components

as opposed to the traditional view to only work with products.


Empower all

Individuals Across The World To Have Access To Front-Line Technologies At a Cheaper Price.


Reduce the Negative Effects

Of Technology On The Environment By Forcing Big Tech Companies To Make The Recovery Of Components Possible For Everyone.


Change Everyone’s approach

Toward The Environment Forever.

XUM Enterprise Ltd

Unit 5A Orion Trading Estate, Tenax Road,

Trafford Park,

Manchester, UK

M17 1JT