About Us

XUM is one of the leading wholesale memory ram seller within the UK. We have grown from pioneering the UK DRAM market into one of the world’s leading providers of high-performance PC peripherals and components.


First of all, we offer a complete range of products to equip trade, gamers, enthusiasts and e-sports athletes, including, high-performance components that gamers use to build gaming PCs. Furthermore, we have a company-wide commitment to quality, innovative design, advanced features and high performance. As a result, all of our products are tested thoroughly using Ramcheck memory testers, Memtest and CPUZ following years of development and engineering by a team dedicated to building great products.


Above all XUM is committed to the environment and strive to source the raw materials like chipsets from recycling centres. As a result of our dedication to a greener environment and our focus on using reusable materials our strategy is a great help towards a greener environment as it helps to conserve natural resources and keeps toxic waste out of landfills and it provides numerous benefits to the environment as well as the local community.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Here at XUM Wholesale Memory Ram we understand our responsibility to the natural environment and are committed to reducing our environmental impact beyond the standard legal and regulatory requirements. Recycling old components allows us to play an important role in helping to reduce harmful chemicals, toxins and green house gasses being released from landfill sites.

We cannot stress the importance of recycling enough! All employees play their part in ensuring we continually improve and reduce our environmental impact, reducing pollution, global warming and the need to mine for new raw material which preserves wildlife and rainforests from being destroyed.

Responsible procurement, sustainability, recycling and carbon offsetting are all factors we consider when developing relationships with our suppliers and customers. For example, we aim to work with businesses who donate to environmental charity projects and our staff use energy efficient office equipment, lighting and more!

Reducing Waste

We have to be conscious of the waste that we produce and the effect this has on the natural environment. XUM are committed to reducing our waste and carbon footprint across all aspects of our business and work with suppliers who do the same. For example, we use thin client computers as they can use up to 90% less power than traditional pc towers. We use mugs and glasses in the workplace to reduce plastic waste and try to limit the use of paper, toner and ink where possible. The use of LED lighting and Infrared heating reduce our energy consumption versus conventional options by up to 40%.

Reusing Items

XUM encourages everyone to use reusable products wherever possible. Reusing items increases the life of a product and maximizes the benefit, Furthermore, it is a great way to contribute to an Eco-friendlier world. Among the many benefits of reusing is the extended shelf life of existing computers, which in turn slows down the production of new computers and keeps the flow of raw materials to landfills at a sustainable rate. This process also helps give less privileged people the opportunity to afford low cost computer equipment.
Reuse of tin, silicon, iron, aluminium, and a variety of plastics that are present in bulk in computers and other electronics can reduce the impact to the natural environment

Recycling Electronics

Here at XUM We place a high priority on recycling as electronic rubbish, and computer equipment in particular, is a rapidly expanding stream of UK waste. Low prices allow consumers to replace gadgets often and rapid technological change means there are always newer, better, more powerful products on the market. The result is a burgeoning computer waste mountain. Up to 20 million obsolete PCs are discarded annually.
We constantly receive supplies of old, unused, broken or out of date devices, Memory, SSD’s and much more. We clean, restore and repair back to full working order reducing the effect of e-waste on the natural environment.