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Mid-Range Gaming PCs

XUM Mid-range Gaming PCs

Priced between £500 and £1000, XUM's mid-range gaming PCs strike an optimum balance of price and performance. Tailored for gamers seeking more than an affordable rig yet finding high-end machines a step too far, these PCs ensure your immersion in the latest games without sacrificing quality or exceeding your spending limit.

Leading our range is the i5-10400f and GTX 1650 4GB combination, an excellent entry-level gaming PC. It can handle most modern titles on low-medium settings. With a 256GB SATA SSD boot drive, 1TB HDD secondary, and a 500W PSU, it's an impressive entry-point powerhouse.

Featuring the i5-10400f and RTX 3060 12GB, this powerhouse strikes an ideal balance of cost and performance. It handles high-to-medium settings across all games and serves as an excellent entry-point for streaming, making it a gamer's mid-range dream.

Next, we have the i7-10700f and RTX 3050 pairing. The power of an i7 system merged with the competent RTX 3050 GPU approaches high-end gaming, making it ideal for content creation, streaming, and gaming—a comprehensive solution for any gamer.

Perfect Mid-Range Gaming PCs at Doctor Memory

At Doctor Memory, we're proud to offer a range of exceptional mid-range gaming PCs designed to cater to the diverse needs of gamers who want remarkable performance without the hefty price tag. When you're not necessarily seeking a high-end gaming PC powerhouse but still demand a gaming rig that can handle the latest titles, our selection of mid-range PC builds has you covered.

These systems provide the ideal sweet spot between cost and capabilities, making them the preferred choice for gamers looking to strike the perfect balance.

If you're in the UK and in the market for a good mid-range gaming PC that doesn't compromise on performance, Doctor Memory is your go-to destination. Our commitment to quality ensures that your gaming experience is not just satisfying but also cost-effective.

Unleash Your Gaming Potential with Mid-Range PC Builds

When it comes to gaming, not everyone needs an extreme PC. Doctor Memory specialise in crafting exceptional mid-range gaming PCs that deliver outstanding performance without breaking the bank. These systems strike the perfect balance between power and affordability, making them the go-to choice for many gamers.

Why Our Mid-Range Gaming Computers Stand Out

At Doctor Memory, we understand the importance of a good mid-range gaming PC. These systems are your ticket to an incredible gaming experience without compromising your spending limit. We've carefully curated and designed these prebuilt PCs to ensure you get the most value for your money.

Our mid-range PCs are more than just affordable; they're exceptional. With components and specs that cater to mid-level gaming needs, we promise an impressive gaming journey that doesn't burn a hole in your pocket.

Mid-Range Gaming Desktop

Not everyone needs a top-of-the-line gaming PC, and that's where our mid-range gaming PCs come in. Doctor Memory offers a diverse range of gaming systems tailored to suit the budget-conscious gamer. These PCs strike the perfect balance between cost and performance.

A mid-range PC build is all about delivering reliable and enjoyable gaming experiences without the extreme costs. Doctor Memory's commitment to quality ensures that our mid-range gaming computers provide the power you need to play your favorite titles smoothly.

We believe in making quality gaming accessible to everyone, and our mid-range gaming PCs are a testament to that philosophy. Whether you're looking for a good mid-range gaming PC or an affordable mid-range gaming desktop, we've got you covered. Our UK customers will find some of the best options for their mid-range gaming needs