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i5 Gaming PCs

Intel Core i5 Gaming PCs

XUM Gaming PC Legend

Intel Core i5-10400F CPU GTX 1650 4GB GPU 32GB RAM 1TB HDD 512GB NVMe SSD

Are you a passionate gamer seeking an upgrade that delivers smooth performance without breaking the bank? Look no further than the mighty i5 gaming PC. This mid-range powerhouse sits at the sweet spot of the gaming PC spectrum, offering incredible value for money without compromising on power. Here's why an i5 gaming PC is your perfect partner in conquering virtual worlds:

High-Performance Gaming with i5

i5 processors deliver robust performance for the latest AAA titles and vast open worlds, ensuring smooth gameplay at high settings and resolutions up to 1440p. When paired with top-tier graphics cards, the result is immersive visuals and seamless action.

XUM Gaming PC Elite

Intel Core i5-10400F CPU RTX 3060 12GB GPU 32GB RAM 1TB HDD 512GB NVMe SSD

Multitasking Mastery

Beyond gaming, i5 PCs excel in multitasking. Stream, chat, and switch between applications without a hitch, thanks to the i5 multitasking capabilities.

Budget-Friendly Powerhouse

i5 CPUs provide significant savings without compromising performance, allowing you to invest in other high-impact components for an even better gaming experience.

A Future-Proof Investment:

With support for the latest technologies like PCIe 5.0 and DDR, i5 gaming PCs are ready for future upgrades and new game releases.

Ready to experience the power

Explore our selection of pre-built i5 gaming PCs, crafted for exceptional performance. Choose the perfect machine for your needs and budget, and start dominating the gaming world today!

Intel Processor Features

Intel Core i5 gaming PCs come packed with features that push the boundaries of gaming performance. Explore how these technologies give you a competitive edge.

Hyper-Threading Technology:

Imagine your processor is a highway, and the data are cars. Hyper-threading adds more lanes to this highway, allowing more data to travel at once, reducing traffic jams and speeding up your gaming action. It’s perfect for streamers and multitaskers who need their PC to keep up with their fast-paced gaming lifestyle.

Turbo Boost:

When your game demands more power, Intel Turbo Boost is like hitting the nitrous button in a race car, providing that extra burst of speed to keep your gameplay smooth during intense battles or while rendering high-quality graphics.

Processor Cache:

Think of the processor cache as a sprinter’s energy gel—it is a quick-access energy boost that helps your PC perform repeated tasks faster. A larger cache means more gel and sustained energy, translating to quicker load times and more responsive gaming.

i5 Gaming PC FAQ

Are i5 Gaming PCs Good for Gaming? Yes, i5 Gaming PCs are excellent for gaming. The Intel Core i5 processor is a favourite among gamers for its balance of performance and price, delivering high-quality gameplay at 1080p or 1440p resolutions. It’s also adept at multitasking, making it perfect for gamers who stream or record their gameplay.

  • Can i5 Gaming PCs Handle VR Gaming? While i5 gaming PCs can support VR, for the best VR experience, especially in more demanding titles, you might want to consider an i7 or i9 processor. However, with the right graphics card, i5 PCs can still provide a satisfying VR gaming experience.

  • What Graphics Card Should I Pair with an i5 Processor?b> The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, 3070, or AMD Radeon 5500, 5600G are popular choices to pair with an i5 processor. These cards are chosen for their ability to deliver desired frame rates and resolutions, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. Our pre-built systems are designed to maximise compatibility and performance between the i5 processor and the graphics card.

  • How Much RAM Do I Need for an i5 Gaming PC? We recommend 16GB of RAM for a smooth gaming experience, as it allows for better multitasking and future-proofs your system. While 8GB may suffice for less demanding games, 16GB ensures that your PC remains responsive and capable of handling newer games.

  • What Storage Options Do You Offer for i5 Gaming PCs? Our i5 gaming PCs come with various storage configurations, typically including an SSD for fast boot and load times and an HDD for ample storage space. This combination offers the perfect balance of speed and capacity for all your gaming and storage needs.

  • What if I need help choosing the right i5 gaming PC? Our expert sales team is ready to help you find the ideal i5 gaming PC that fits your gaming preferences and budget. Contact us for personalised recommendations and answers to any questions about our gaming hardware.