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Everything You Know about Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Everything You Know about Final Fantasy 7 Remake

16th Jan 2024

In the primordial darkness, two forces clashed: radiant light and shadowy darkness. Their cosmic struggle birthed worlds teeming with magic and wonder, where fantastical creatures roamed and ancient crystals pulsed with power.

Hence is the stage where the saga of Final Fantasy unfolds—a tapestry woven across aeons, marked by epic battles, whispered prophecies, and the rise of legendary heroes.

1987: The story begins with the humble pixelated heroes of Final Fantasy traversing a land ravaged by chaos, their swords flashing against monstrous fiends. This ground-breaking RPG laid the foundation for the series with its iconic turn-based combat and charming narratives.

1988: Embark on an airship adventure in Final Fantasy II, where a rebellious band of orphans defies an oppressive empire. With deeper character customization and explorable towns, this sequel pushed the boundaries of the genre.

1990: Dive into the mystical world of Final Fantasy III, where a legendary warrior awakens to quell a rising darkness. Job classes and complex gameplay systems added new layers of depth and strategy to the series.

1991: Soar through the skies and navigate the intricate storylines of Final Fantasy IV, featuring a cast of unforgettable characters like the dashing Cecil and the enigmatic Tellah. This beloved entry revolutionized storytelling in RPGs, earning a special place in gamers' hearts.

1992: Embark on a journey of love and betrayal in Final Fantasy V, where a band of unlikely heroes bound by fate confront the ancient power of the Crystals. Job abilities and a dynamic battle system kept players engaged as they unravelled the game's intricate plot.

1994: Soar to operatic heights with Final Fantasy VI, a sprawling epic filled with political intrigue, star-crossed lovers, and a cast of larger-than-life characters. This masterpiece is one of the greatest RPGs ever made, pushing the technological and narrative boundaries of the genre.

1997: And then the world fell in love with Midgar. Final Fantasy VII arrived, a cyberpunk metropolis pulsating with life, rebellion, and the iconic green-haired hero, Cloud Strife. Its stunning visuals, emotional story, and unforgettable soundtrack propelled the series to mainstream acclaim.

2020: The legend continues with Final Fantasy 7 Remake, a reimagining of Midgar in breath-taking detail, offering a modern take on the classic story with an action-packed combat system and expanded character development. This ambitious project set the stage for the rest of the original game's saga to be fictionalized in future instalments.

And this is just the beginning! Final Fantasy spans numerous sequels, spin-offs, and subseries, each offering unique worlds, captivating narratives, and beloved characters. Whether you're drawn to the pixelated charm of the early games, the cinematic grandeur of modern entries, or anything in between, there's a Final Fantasy adventure waiting to whisk you away.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date:

  • April 10, 2020: The Final Fantasy 7 Remake initially launched on PlayStation 4 to much fanfare and critical acclaim.


  • PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC: The game was initially a PlayStation 4 exclusive, but later got a remastered version released on PlayStation 5 in June 2021. A PC port finally made its debut on December 6, 2021, much to the delight of PC gamers.

Story and Setting:

  • A remake of the Original Classic: Final Fantasy 7 Remake retells the iconic story of Cloud Strife and his fight against Shinra Corporation in a completely revamped way. Expect familiar locations like Midgar and its inhabitants, but with deeper exploration and character development.
  • Expanded Midgar: While the original game covered the entire world of Final Fantasy 7, Remake focuses solely on the sprawling city of Midgar, offering a much more detailed and immersive experience within its walls.


  • Action-Oriented Combat: Gone are the turn-based battles of the original. The remake features a real-time, action-oriented combat system, allowing for dynamic and fast-paced battles.
  • Materia System Reinvented: The classic Materia system for equipping abilities is still present but with a modernized twist. You can customize individual weapons and characters with Materia's for various attack types, buffs, and defensive options.
  • Exploration and Puzzles: Midgar in Remake is filled with secrets to discover and puzzles to solve. Explore side quests, mini-games, and hidden areas to delve deeper into the city's lore and mysteries.

Visuals and Soundtrack:

  • Breath-taking Reimagining: The game utilizes Unreal Engine 4 to render Midgar in stunning detail, capturing the essence of the original while elevating it to a whole new graphical level.
  • Classic Tunes with a Modern Twist: The unforgettable soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu is revisited and reinvented with orchestral arrangements and new compositions, retaining the nostalgia while adding a fresh layer of emotion.

Reception and Legacy:

  • Critical and Commercial Success: The Final Fantasy 7 Remake was a critical and commercial darling, winning numerous awards and selling millions of copies worldwide. It is considered a benchmark for how to successfully recreate a classic game for a modern audience.
  • Paving the Way for Sequels: Remake is the first part of a planned trilogy, with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth being the next chapter. Fans eagerly await the continuation of Cloud's journey and the exploration of the wider world beyond Midgar.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake minimum and recommended PC requirement

Finally, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is also available to PC gamers, where PC gamers enhance the gameplay and enjoy the ultimate experience of the storyline inside the fame feature, battle, and views. The journey begins with PC gamers.

Minimum Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit (version 1909 or later)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD FX-8350
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 (3GB) or AMD Radeon RX 480 (4GB)
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 100 GB available space

Recommended Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit (version 1909 or later)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 or AMD Ryzen 3 3100
  • Memory: 12 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (8GB) or AMD Radeon RX 5700 (8GB)
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 100 GB available space

Please note that these are the official requirements provided by Square Enix. Depending on your desired resolution and performance level, you might need to adjust your hardware accordingly.

Upgrade your gaming PC to enjoy Final Fantasy 7 Remax. A custom gaming PC, do not miss the chance to play the most exciting game. Build a new gaming PC setup or below the additional things to upgrade your prebuilt gaming PC.

  • For optimal performance, ensure your graphics drivers are up-to-date.
  • The game utilizes SSD storage for faster loading times, so consider making room on an SSD if possible.
  • Some users have reported performance issues on specific gaming PC hardware configurations. You can find many discussions and optimization guides online if you encounter any problems.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a love letter to the original game while offering a fresh and exciting experience for new and returning players alike. Its engaging story, innovative combat system, breath-taking visuals, and iconic soundtrack cemented its place as one of the best RPGs ever assembled.